Círculo has extensive experience providing HIV/AIDS related services to the community for over twenty-five years.  The HIV / AIDS program provides support for people infected and affected by HIV living in Nassau County.  We provide prevention services, counseling, linkage and retention to care, support groups, outreach, HIV testing, peers training, and transportation.  The program provides services in a non-jugmental, culturally and linguistically appropriate methodology.  Bilingual staff provide a range of supportive programming and ancillary services helping individuals to access needed support and resources.

Services are offered out of office locations in Hempstead and Long Beach.

For more information and registration contact:

Hempstead (516) 292-2433

Education and Prevention Services

Through a variety of education initiatives, Círculo provides culturally-appropriate HIV prevention information to the community. The goal is to empower and motivate participants to learn about and become involved in staying healthy, safe and drug-free.

Components of Círculo’s Education and Prevention services include:

Pasos Seguros/ Positive Steps

This component provides local intervention to high risk population. Circulo Health Educators engage and recruit clients who are positive for STDS or HCV. Health Educators ensure that risk assessment is conducted and addresses. Health Educators help clients identify goals and help client meet the goals.   Health Educators provide education on condoms use and provide referrals for to medical and social services. Encounters take place at Círculo’s Hempstead office.

Voices/ Voces:

This component includes outreach to individuals that are at high risk for HIV.   Participants increase their knowledge on HIV transmission and other Sexually transmitted diseases through this project. Participants learn about negotiation skills, condoms, and condom use. Safer sex prevention materials and other resources are provided.

For more information contact:

Cesar Nuesi (516) 292-2433.

Early Intervention Services

Círculo’s Early Intervention Services Program provides support and assistance to individuals who may not know their HIV status and to individuals who may have fallen out of care. The goal of the program is increase the number of HIV+ individuals that know their HIV status and to increase the number of HIV+ individuals that access care. In addition, the program seeks to increase the proportion of people living with HIV/AIDS who are maintained in quality HIV Care.

The Program provides individuals at risk for HIV and gives them direct and indirect referrals for testing/counseling, as well as service coordination. Staff conduct health education, and link individuals to care.

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Housing Assistance

Círculo’s Casa Serenidad (Serenity House), provides permanent housing for homeless individuals singles and families living with HIV/AIDS in Nassau County.  Housing is located in Nassau County in scattered sites.  Participants in this program contribute 30% of their income to rent.

For additional information see eligibility information under Permanent Housing.

For more information contact:

Ariel Sotelo

26 West Park Avenue

Long Beach, New York 11561

(516) 431-1135

Navigation & Retention Services

Círculo provides bilingual Navigation and Retention services to support individuals living and affected with HIV/AIDS. Staffs assess client needs, link and navigate clients in the healthcare and social services systems. Staffs encourage clients to maintain their medical appointments, refer to mental health when needed, and provide education on viral load suppression and treatment adherence.

Staff provide ARTAS which is an individual level intervention for individuals recently diagnosed with HIV or out of care patients. The goal is to deliver practical assistance to clients, helping them access transportation to get to clinic appointments, and identifying barriers that prevent clients from following up with providers among other services. Clients will be encouraged to bring a significant other to a client session either with Provider and/or Navigation and Retention Specialist. Clients will identify goals and develop a step by step plan to accomplish goals using ARTAS session Planning techniques.

The program provides services in a non-judgmental, culturally and linguistically appropriate methodology.  Services offered include case management, counseling, advocacy, support groups and other related programming.

For more information contact:

(516) 292-2433

Peer Education Program

Círculo’s peer education program is for adults. This program educates individuals to support newly infected individuals to receive medical and social service assistance.  It operates on Tuesdays from 3 to 5 pm.

For more information contact:


(516) 292-2433.

Support Groups

Círculo conducts a weekly HIV/AIDS support group providing information and a sense of community to participants. All staff is bilingual and support groups are offered in a bilingual Spanish/English format.  Círculo offers a safe place where participants can share their life experiences and ways to cope with HIV/AIDS.  Participants also learn about educational information to help them with their daily lives.

For more information contact:

(516) 431-1135

Transportation Services


Círculo de la Hispanidad’s Ryan White Transportation program offers FREE medical transportation to individuals living with HIV/AIDS in Nassau County.  Transportation is provided to obtain health care services related directly to HIV/AIDS as in medical care, dental care, mental health, and substance abuse treatment. Transportation will be provided via taxi, Gas Cards, and MetroCards.  All other resources for transportation must be exhausted prior to using resources from this program.


The goal of the Ryan White Part A Transportation Program is to increase access to medical care on a regular basis for individuals living with HIV/AIDS.  This program is operated through a grant with United Way.


For more information contact:
Blanca Núñez (516) 431-1135.