Culinary and Food Service Training

Círculo provides job training in the area of culinary and hospitality services.  Classes are held at the Círculo Center. Participants learn basic culinary skills, including kitchen safety, soups, stocks, meats, vegetables, and other dishes.

Cooking on a Budget

Círculo conducts educational classes for individuals who want to learn how to shop and cook on a limited budget and for those that want to enhance their cooking skills.

Cooking for One

cooking classThis education series for singles helps individuals that are cooking and shopping for one learn about what foods are nutritious and how to prepare items minimizing food waste.  Choices may be different when shopping for one.   Círculo’s culinary education series provides educational information to individuals to help them make informed decisions about the food they eat.  The three-part education series focuses on helping singles learn how to shop and choose nutritious ingredients on a limited budget.  Participants also learn to prepare basic meals.

Cooking for the Family

This education series focuses on helping individuals develop skills to prepare nutritious meals for the family.  Shopping tips for nutritious ingredients will be discussed. Participants will learn how to prepare basic nutritious meals for themselves and their families.

Culinary Classes

Círculo offers culinary classes to the community as part of its educational enrichment programs for adults.  The courses provide individuals with information about how to prepare tasty culinary delights.

For information contact, the Long Beach office.