Domestic Violence & Victim Services

Salva Domestic Violence & Victims Services

Círculo de la Hispanidad provides a range of  Spanish/English services to assist individuals affected by violence, sexual assault, stalking and dating violence including case management, support groups, advocacy, counseling, crisis intervention services, safety planning, education, transitional and permanent housing as well as ancillary services.  Staff assists victims of violence with court advocacy, child custody issues, orders of protection, Department of Social Services waivers, case management and other related issues.  Círculo’s program is licensed and approved by the New York State Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS).

The agency is renowned for creating New York State’s first bilingual English/Spanish hotline to respond to the needs of those affected by domestic violence.

All program staff is bilingual in English and Spanish.

For more information, contact the Hempstead office at (516) 292-2433 and ask for the Salva Program.


Círculo’s provides bilingual English/Spanish advocacy around domestic violence and related issues including sexual assault, stalking and dating violence.  Advocacy encompasses many areas including court related services such as orders of protection, child support, custody and spousal petitions.  Staff also provide advocacy with entitlement, child care, counseling, landlord tenant, immigration and other related matters stemming from violence, sexual assault, stalking or dating violence.

For more information contact:

(516) 292-2433.

Case Management

Círculo offers Espanish/English case management to victims of violence assisting them address needs and overcome barriers related to domestic violence.  Staff provide information and education about area services and help link participants to resources for themselves and their families.  Staff collaborate with participants, and provide service coordination as needed with other various community service providers.

Contact the Hempstead office at (516) 292-2433 and ask for the Salva Program.

Crisis Hotline

Círculo’s bilingual Spanish/English hotline was the first of its kind for victims of violence in New York State. In response to a need to provide Spanish speaking services to victims of violence, Circulo obtained funding to operate a bilingual hotline in 1984.

For 24/7 hotline support call: (516) 889-2849.

The Salva Domestic Violence Hotline provides domestic violence support services to victims of domestic violence and concerned others including friends of victims and community professionals. The hotline staff can provides education about domestic violence support services, crisis intervention and referrals for shelters and other services.

Education & Prevention

Círculo provides education and prevention information to the community about domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking and dating violence.  In addition the agency conducts an annual event to raise awareness about domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking and dating violence.  Círculo’s Walk for Peace to End the Silence on Domestic Violence takes place every fall on the Long Beach Board Walk.

See additional information under our special events section featuring our Peace Walk. Our next walk will be September 28, 2019.

For more information about how to get involved contact and for sponsorship opportunities contact:

 Sarah Brewster

(516) 431-1135

Safety Planning

Círculo’s domestic violence staff provide Spanish/English  safety planning to victims of violence, sexual assault, stalking and victims of dating violence.  Experienced bilingual English/Spanish speaking staff provide assistance to help individuals create a plan that addresses specific needs.  Staff provide information about area services and resource.  All services are confidential.

For more information contact:

(516) 292-2433.

Sexual Assault, Stalking and Dating Violence

A range of supportive services in Spanish/English  are offered to assist individuals of sexual assault, stalking and dating violence.  Trained bilingual staff are available to help meet needs.  Services are individually tailored to meet specific needs.  Staff provide advocacy and support to help individuals access services and support.

For more information contact:

(516) 292-2433.

Support Group

Círculo provides weekly domestic violence support groups in Spanish in Hempstead and Long Beach.  Groups provide a supportive environment for individuals to share and receive support and information from peers and experienced staff facilitators.   Groups provide opportunities to create friendships, build supportive networks and gain information and education. Contact   516-292-2433 for further information and to speak to a Salva advocate if you are interested in attending.

Walk for Peace
WALK FOR PEACE September 28, 2019

Long Beach, New York Boardwalk at Riverside Boulevard
Círculo de la Hispanidad began its “Peace Walk to End the Silence on Domestic Violence” with a purpose to raise awareness about domestic violence in our community and to provide information to break the silence on violence. It holds the walk every fall on the Long Beach boardwalk at Riverside Boulevard. The event begins with a program including different speakers following by a walk on the Long Beach Boardwalk.

Círculo’s Salva Domestic Violence Program posts educational information on large posters throughout the boardwalk in both English and Spanish offering facts, statistical information, and resource information about domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking and dating violence in our society. These educational posters also include artwork by children in Círculo’s youth programs.

The Salva Domestic Violence Program of Círculo de la Hispanidad has been in operation since 1984. Gil Bernardino, Founder and Executive Director of Círculo de la Hispanidad, created the program to serve the needs of the Spanish speaking community in Nassau County who was being victimized. At that time there was no bilingual hotline in New York State to help victims. Círculo created its bilingual English/Spanish hotline for victims of domestic violence, the first in New York State, and has been helping individuals ever since. “When you are in crisis, it is critical to have someone that speaks your language, to understand your pain and suffering, and to help you find support”.

Since its creation, the Salva program has helped to support hundreds of individuals and families over the past thirty years by providing them with advocacy and support to help them reach safety and live free from violence. Support services offered by the Salva program include weekly support groups in Spanish, case management, crisis intervention, advocacy including court advocacy, and education, in addition to the hotline. All staff are bilingual in Spanish and English.

For information on sponsorships, volunteering or to get involved with this event contact the Long Beach office at 516-431-1135