Navigation & Retention

Navigation & Retention Services

Círculo provides bilingual Navigation and Retention services to support individuals living and affected with HIV/AIDS. Our staff assess the client's needs, link, and navigate clients in the healthcare and social services systems. Staff encourages clients to maintain their medical appointments, make referrals to mental health providers when needed, and also provide education on viral load suppression and treatment adherence.

Staff provides ARTAS, which is an individual-level intervention for individuals recently diagnosed with HIV or out of care patients. The goal is to deliver practical assistance to clients, helping them access transportation to get to clinic appointments, and identifying barriers that prevent clients from following up with providers, among other services. Clients will be encouraged to bring a significant other to a client session either with Provider and/or Navigation and Retention Specialist. Clients will identify goals and develop a step by step plan to accomplish goals using ARTAS session Planning techniques.

The program provides services in a non-judgmental, culturally, and linguistically appropriate methodology. Services offered include case management, counseling, advocacy, support groups, and other related programming.

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