Education & Prevention

Education and Prevention Services

Through a variety of education initiatives, Círculo provides culturally-appropriate HIV prevention information to the community. The goal is to empower and motivate participants to learn about and become involved in staying healthy, safe, and drug-free.

Components of Círculo’s Education and Prevention services include:

Voices/ Voces:

This component includes outreach to individuals that are at high risk for HIV.   Participants increase their knowledge of HIV transmission and other Sexually transmitted diseases through this project. Participants learn about negotiation skills, condoms, and condom use. Safer sex prevention materials and other related resources are provided.

Individual Support:

Círculo’s team of educated staff also provides individual one on one counseling and support services to help individuals infected and affected by HIV and AIDS.  Staff also assist individuals develop support linkages as needed.

For more information contact:

Cesar Nuesi (516) 292-2433.