Long Beach office

26 West Park Avenue

Long Beach, NY 11561


Hempstead office

91 North Franklin Street, Suite 200

Hempstead, NY 11550

516 292-2433

Círculo Center

605 Peninsula Boulevard

Hempstead, NY 11550

516 -282-0145


Gil Bernardino, M.S.

Founder & Executive Director

Sarah Brewster, Ph.D., J.D., L.M.S.W.

Chief Director of Services and Operations

Wendy Castro

Fiscal Director

Fiscal Department

Zulay Carson


Kathy Mora


Jacky Sleefe

Payroll / Human Resources

Program Directors

César Nuesi

HIV MSA Prevention and Education Program Director

Elizabeth Wachsberger

Youth Services Director, Hempstead

Margarita Sotelo

HIV Testing Program Director

Marisol Munoz

YDDP Director

Benjamin Coreas

Early Intervention Specialist

Ariel Sotelo

Housing Director

Blanca Núñez, B.S.W.

Ryan White Transportation Director

Sari Vayda, T.R.

Partners After-School Director, Long Beach

Program Coordinators and Staff

Leidis Flores

Domestic Violence Liaison

Maria Claudia Gomez

Domestic Violence Advocate

Salva Program

Maria Mendez

HIV Testing Coordinator

Sandra Germany

HIV/MSA Education Coordinator

Yenfi Paredes

Program Assistant

Emma Martinez

HIV MSA Program Assistant

Education Coordinator

Mellian Lafleur

Linkage Coordinator

Angie Santi

Program Assistant Ryan White Transportation

Program Assistant Ryan White Early Intervention Services

Evelyn Tavarez

Program Assistant and Office Coordinator